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At Interstate Moving, we believe that professionalism and good pricing goes hand in hand to helping our clients get the best services. With this in mind, we have a wide range of service that help make your move simpler. Our moving packages are customized to suit your needs so that you do not have to bend your requirements merely to what we offer.




Packing: Much time and effort goes on the actual packing. Different items that need to be moved have to be packed differently and sorting all this out can take a lot of time and energy. We have our own packing material that is specifically made for long distance moving, and we will be happy to help you get your goods packed carefully so that they do not get damaged in transit.




Moving: We take care of loading and unloading of your goods in well-maintained trucks that are fitted with GPS technology. Tracking out the location of your goods while in transit is quite easy and you can set your mind at ease when you do not have to worry about the safety of your belongings. Our drivers are professionals who have gone through a number of tests and screening procedures and can be completely relied upon.




Delivery: All you need to do is give us a timeframe within which we need to get your goods across to the new town and we will take care of the rest. Prompt delivery is rated high on our list and we ensure that your goods are there for you in time. We also take care of unloading of your goods or even storing them for you if you so wish.




Contact us for a quote and we can work out which services will suit your needs best of all for a safe and comfortable move.


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