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Moving can be stressful on many counts and one of them is the fact that you are faced with uncertainties and never know what might cause you to lose virtually all that you have in transit. Just as health insurance covers you for any unforeseen occurrences that might arise, moving insurance takes care of eventualities that might overtake you when you are moving. Accidents happen to even the most careful of people and protecting your belongings when you are on the move is a smart move. Consider some things to keep in mind when you opt for moving insurance.


Getting Moving Insurance That Sets Your Mind At Ease

  1. All good moving companies offer certain types of insurance for those who are especially moving across long distances. Consider the type of move you are planning and then discuss with the moving company about the extent of coverage.
  2. Moving companies offer something called a “Released Value Protection”, which is set to 6o cents for each pound of goods. Since your goods are definitely worth much more than that, you could consider opting for “Full Value Protection”, which, as the name suggests, is based on the value of all the goods that you are moving. You will need to pay the movers approximately 1% of the total value of goods that you are moving, which is not a bad deal, considering that you are cutting your losses to a large extent. Complete protection is especially beneficial if you are moving across States or countries.
  3. Full coverage also provides an option for “Full Replacement Value” wherein the moving company decides how to make amends for lost property should such an eventuality arise. They might choose to repair the damaged items, replace it with a new one or pay you the cost of the item.
  4. If you so wish, you can choose to upgrade your moving coverage based on other valuation options. Check with the moving company at all times as to how they evaluate your goods and whether there are any restriction on coverage.
  5. As with any coverage, there are some things that moving companies generally do not cover. They are not responsible for items that are in boxes that they did not pack. This means that if you have shoddily packed something and if it is damaged, your movers will not replace it either in kind or in value. Damage due to natural disasters is also not covered. If you choose to store your belongings in a warehouse or in any place that is not controlled by your movers and if they are damaged, the movers will not compensate you for it neither will the coverage apply.
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